Dr. Kevin Marryshow (Chiropractor)

Throughout Kevin's life he has been vigorously involved in sport-specific training and competition through basketball, volleyball and track & field.  As a direct result, Kevin has suffered many acute and chronic injuries.  Through this experience he has since dedicated himself to analyzing the causes of injury through to rehabilitation from injury and injury prevention.  This desire led Kevin to pursue a doctorate in chiropractic where he was able to center his learning on the proactive and reactive management of injuries.

Kevin's approach in practice is multi-faceted.  The importance of evidence based treatment is of extreme importance.  Kevin continues to refine his existing treatment protocols with continued growth and research in order to implement treatments that will provide the most efficient and effective results for his patients.  Kevin emphasizes the importance of treatment, goal-setting, exercise and nutrition with all of his patients in order to achieve optimal results.

Kevin has treated various conditions including acute and chronic low back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches (tension-type, cervicogenic and migranes) and many other work and exercise/sports related injuries.  Kevin is eager to continue expanding his knowledge base and positively influencing as many lives as he can.