Dr. Brad Hasilo (Chiropractor)

Brad joins the team at SNU-Therapy with life-long experience training for various competitive sports including hockey, mountain biking and volleyball.   Brad’s experience with athletic injuries fostered a keen interest in the diagnosis and conservative rehabilitation of acute and chronic injury.  This led Brad to pursue a career in the chiropractic profession.  

Over the past several years, Brad has been able to put his knowledge in to practice by providing therapy to several sports teams at the local, provincial and national level.  These experiences have been humbling, motivating, and have produced the desire within Brad to consistently build upon his knowledge and clinical skills to provide the best, most informed care to his patients. 

Brad has treated a variety of acute, chronic, and overuse conditions brought on by sports, exercise, or even daily wear and tear.  Brad’s approach to treatment relies on orthopedic and functional assessments that combine the most current research, clinical experiences, and patient preference to achieve peak health and function.